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Lady Bug

I suffer from acidreflux, trust me baking soda really works! Pour some in the palm of your hand take and follow with warm water! You'll feel brand new.

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Just a word of caution. Yes it does work, but my mother (who is a nurse) informs me that it does nasty things to your blood count and really shouldn't be taken for reflux like this.


Yes it can help but not all the time..It is full of salt so if you have high blood pressure or heart condition you should not use this remedy as it will increase your blood pressure and cause your heart rate to happened to me so I stopped using baking soda..


Hey dont try this I just did and it made it worse and it made me puke so trust me u dont want to try this

LLG Nailz

My hunsband is sOooo happy with the baking soda and water . He said he will be using this for now on Thanks so much.


I am a firm believer in baking soda and water. Works everytime

sharyl evangelin

i am suffering with acid reflux,does baking soda really help,is it not good for your body,i see some people's remarks,i hope it does no harm to my body,can someone please let me know,is baking soda & warm harmful,i dont like getting acid reflux at evenings & during the night,it does hurt my chest,thank you

sharyl evangelin

hi just another question,is baking soda & luke warm water ok to take for acid reflux,and how often do i drink this,maybe twice a day,or before bed,i hope this helps me out,and i am going to also try maybe jif peanut butter,or should i just stick to baking soda & water,do i need to make my water luke warm,or not really,what is best results with baking soda & water,luke warm water or no,thank you again,i hope i feel have less pain now,does the baking soda & water work right away in my system,in my acid reflux


I remember my Mom fixing my Dad Soda water when I was a kid to help his heartburn. That was some 55 years ago. Best I remember Mom just used tap water and stirred in the Soda. Dad would drink it down quickly and always make a funny face but it must have helped him this was a frequent occurrence at our house I guess they could not afford alka selzters. I now have GERD and have been on Presolic for several years a heavy dosage and a few months ago I decided I wasn't going to take it anymore. I take too many medicines so I quit. Boy it has been rough. I guess the acids really went wild after the meds stopped and I have had some serious gerd symptoms and really hard stomach pain once. I have stook it out and used Tums they help some. Reading all these remedies the soda crackers (because of the soda) sounds interesting. Maybe soda crackers and the peanut butter and a cold glass of milk all these things have been mentioned. Good Luck all. Lets pray for one another that's the most important thing we can do with the most effect.

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