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I've been up for well over 48 hours now, not because I have the abscessed tooth, but because my Mother does. She's been screaming and crying for over two days now. Nothing worked, Ore Gel, the crushed Tylenol trick, olive cloves, garlic cloves... NOTHING, I didn't even second glance the salt water idea, but I ran out of options with you guys, so I said 'What else is there?' and I got her a glass of hot, salt water. She's passed out and sleeping like a baby on the couch that I brought her the water in. She's even snoring. So I just want you all to know, TRY the salt water idea first, so that your not spending 40 bucks on the other random crap that didn't work. I'm going to bed now, because I deserve some sleep. Thanks guys and girls for the help. ^_^

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Go to the dentist immediately. I had an absess in a tooth that had a root canal. I wanted to die. Trust me.

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