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this is your guide to outbrake free life. alcohol drugs fresh plain yogurt 500ml a day
3.1 garlic clove am. 1 garlic clove pm.
4.vitamin d with a meal. 1000mg a day
5. excersise daily every vegetable and fruit in your sight.
from your friendly neighbourhood spiderman :)

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Try a product called HapaVir. It stops a virus's ability to attach to the host cells that they need to reproduce, so it is much harder for the virus to overwhelm your system and cause an outbreak.


Where do u get hapavar?


Sorry but there may not be a outbreak free plan that works for everyone. Everyone's body reacts to things differently . Some people get 1 outbreak then never have another, some people get an outbreak once a month and some people suffer sever outbreaks often. You can not say what works for on person will work for another. I do all of these things on your be outbreak free list and it never worked for me. I am italian so i eat alot of garlic. I eat plenty of veggies , etc
You might just be one of those lucky people that don;'t get outbreaks often. Good for you but this list will not work for everyone but there are things out there that will. Do some research and try different things and it may not stop the virus but it might make it easier to live with.


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