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Tasnim Akhtar

OMG-I could not believe this was happening to me. All of a sudden i had an aching tooth on my filling tooth. this tooth was filled twice and now i feel as if I have to take it out. this tooth is on the bottom right hand side jaw 2nd down(I dont have wisdom teeth).
Woke up one morning and I had a nasty toothache and i kept toching it then suddenly my tooth began to move. i was in severe pain. As the day went pastthe pain started to spread to my front teeth and to my right hand side temples. The only way for me to relive my pain was to goto sleep. Whensearching the page ive seen a couple of remedies such as
:clove of garlic
I have tried the teabag and to be perfectly honest it only sorta numbed the paind for 10 minutes. I used a twinings lemon and ginger teabag. But beware it tastes NASTYYYY!!!!!
Saltwater did not help at alll for me andnow im still in severe pain. I hate dentists and doctors and now i soo sleepy that i dream that this pain goes away. Any help for me please I am only 13 and I cant cope with this pain anymore.

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