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To stop a nosebleed pinch the nose firmly (but not hard) at the bridge of your nose just below the bone. Do NOT lie down or tilt the head back, as this makes the blood go down your throat and will make you sick to your stomach. Hold this pinch for 2 -3 minutes until bleeding stops. Do NOT blow your nose. This will blow the clot out and make it start bleeding again.

To PREVENT nosebleeds, keep a humidifier going to keep the air moist (especially in the winter) and use saline drops in the nose every evening before bed. ALso, using a q-tip, swab the inside of your nostrils with petroleum jelly. Most spontaneous nosebleeds are caused by drying. (If not by injury or picking of course)

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Place a penny in your mouth. EAT LOTS OF BANNANAS


Take a look at the nosebudd
It's the simplest solution.


i have nose bleeds and had it fixed afew
times i found out that some meds can cause nose bleeds .


I had frequent nosebleed and was going to some long trips to Asia. I was so worried about the air pressure and dry air on plane. I am catholic and did pray this simple healing prayer/novena to Saint Therese who will pray for our illness. I cant post a web link here, so please google about this novena. Also I kept my nose moist with Vaseline and Saline Nasal Spray. It works best for me until now back from Asia. Please give it a try, I know how frustrating it is. God bless you.

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