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Pureed apple gives instant relief. Keep a jar of apple sauce in the fridge and tins of baby food pureed apple in the handbag, glovebox and at work. I have had the flap of my oesophagus permanently cut open and was told I'd be on medication for life but I just either grab apple sauce or a tin of baby food and I'm fixed in 30 seconds.

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Thank you so much! I'm in South Korea on a military base, it's late at night and the stores are closed. I read your post and was thankful I didn't throw out the natural applesauce I bought a few months ago but didn't like. Thanks again! Now I can go to sleep.

Michael M

Thanks. This seems to have worked for me. I don't get acid reflux like this often so when it happens, it occurs quickly and without warning (like tonight while blogging). Fortunately, I still had some pureed apples with cinnamon (this is a replacement for store-bought apple sauce for me, as I don't like all of the chemicals that the companies use for preservatives). A few large Tablespoons of this and my stomach was settling down and the burning in my throat going away. (I was in a bit of a panic because I didn't have any bread laying around; need to go to the grocery store. Only thing in the pantry was flour tortillas and those were not having much effect.)

For those wondering about the apples, easy to prepare. Just peel, quarter and boil until tender (not mushy but only tender). Place in a blender along with cinnamon to taste - I don't use much - and puree along with a bit of filtered water. That's it.


I'm sure this may work for some people, but definitely not for me. Apples are acidic, which does nothing but severely aggravate my acid reflux.


Thanks for this tip, I have seen about the apple cider vinegar, but havnt got any, and have been suffering bad for a couple of hours..... and need sleep - I cant lie down with this..... Had baby food apples...and I can swallow without that 'acid' burning feeling at back of throat - awesome :)


You are a lifesaver! I keep seeing that red delicious apples work but I hate the taste! If I make them into appleasauce I can actually like the taste! I will make some Monday when we grocery shop! You are a saint!!!


I pray the applesauce works. I've been suffering with severe acid reflux causing me to wake up gasping and unable to breathe. This is followed by the nasty taste burning back of my throat. Happens if sitting up, lying on back, lying on right side (other suggested remedies). Last night I took tums, lister one strips to get rid of taste and suffered at least 5 times. Finally eased up and I fell asleep at 4am.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.


My bf gets boodles of hot water and fills them up he puts it all over my chest my back my sides and it relives the pain in about 3 minutes I also drink warm milk and omeprazole it helps

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