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I have 4 kids and this has worked wonders! Mix EQUAL parts of vinegar (I use white) and rubbing alcohol and put drops into the ears after swimming. When you put the drops in (I use a straw as a dropper) make sure that the fluid goes ALL the way into the ear canal by having the child lie down when you do it. Throw the extra away as it does not keep (the alcohol evaporates). I usually make a small amount, like 1 tablespoon of each - it doesn't matter how much you make, just make sure that you make it half and half.

I don't put cotton in the ears, but just mop up whatever liquid runs out when they stand up. If one ear hurts more than the other I'll have them lie down for awhile to keep the fluid in the ear as long as possible.

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I tried this and nearly died from the burning pain... the ER dr told me to do it, and man.... never ever ever ever ever again.... I'm telling you right now... if you start to get the symptoms go to the dr ASAP!!! This is some of the worst pain I've ever felt in my LIFE!!!!


can i do after swimmers ear has done gotten so bad its sent me to the er ? will it burn...My ear canal is almost swoll shut and has pus

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