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I have 4 kids and this has worked wonders! Mix EQUAL parts of vinegar (I use white) and rubbing alcohol and put drops into the ears after swimming. When you put the drops in (I use a straw as a dropper) make sure that the fluid goes ALL the way into the ear canal by having the child lie down when you do it. Throw the extra away as it does not keep (the alcohol evaporates). I usually make a small amount, like 1 tablespoon of each - it doesn't matter how much you make, just make sure that you make it half and half.

I don't put cotton in the ears, but just mop up whatever liquid runs out when they stand up. If one ear hurts more than the other I'll have them lie down for awhile to keep the fluid in the ear as long as possible.

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I was given this remedy by an ear specialist. It works wonders. The alcohol works as a drying agent. I use this after my kids get out of the pool.
Very effective.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Our doctor told us about this a few years ago - it works!


For years we have removed trapped water from the ears after swimming by dropping a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol into the ear for a minute. It absorbs the water and when you sit up and let the alcohol run out the water is gone. Never heard about adding vinegar to the mix. I don't think it is necessary.


I was told about this remedy from a paramedic friend of mine. Works great, the alcohol is a drying agent the vinegar kills off any bacteria that may be forming in the ear.


this one works really well. to deliver, i just soaked a cotton ball and squeezed the solution into the ear.


Worked great. My daughter is very happy that the water is out of her ear.


These are all good ideas. Whatever you do, do not ignore a swimmer's ear. It's one of the most painful things you or your loved one will experience. If the infection gets advanced, the ENT doctor will put a wick in your ear (if it's not too swollen) and that, my dear, is very, very painful. Do not ignore any pain in the ear.


Does anyone know if it matters what type of vinegar? I don't have white, but I have apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar and rice vinegar. I've ruled out red wine vinegar simply because I don't want to stain my clothes. Any suggestions?


Apple cider vinegar should work fine in place of regular white vinegar.


Half and half vinegar and rubbing alcohol works great. The vinegar is necessary for actual swimmers ear to take care of the bacteria, the alcohol to get rid of the water. I started this treatment yesterday for my swimmers ear, my ear canal was swollen and very I feel great! Definitely works.

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