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Tony James

I suffered from restless legs now I do not, I found my cure but do not know if it would be the same for every one, it is all down to what I eat and when.
I no longer eat anything after about 9.30 pm. Then just before bedtime with my last cup of tea I have a small round of toast ( Bread) because of my condition I am a coeliac my bread has to be re heated so I toast it.
I find this works every time.
Prior to this (discovery) I used to wake up every night at 2am legs very hot and the usual twitching, I would take a gaviscone tablet sometimes 2 if it persisted and that would work every time.
It will not work taking medication before the event only after, why I do not know.It would appear to me that my personal condition is to do with the acids in the stomach, A few things I can tolerate are, a glass of sherry, and a chocolate drink.
I hope this helps someone, best of luck


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Tony, the cause of coeliac is gluten.
Stop eating anything that contains wheat & you won't have coeliac!
So put your piece of warm toast down.
I fix my restless legs in about 2 minutes by walking to my kitchen & drinking a minimum of half a glass of milk - the restless legs problem is gone within 2 minutes.
Good, huh?


Tony was talking about gluten free bread. It usually doesn't taste good unless it's heated/toasted.

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