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Has anyone noticed that a Full Moon really makes your legs worst? I am 49 and have had problems since I don't even remember when. I to found this site at 3am, and the Shoe Laces are helping? Thank You who ever started this post. I really thought I was alone with this Crap!!!! Someone PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!

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No, you sure aren't alone. These MDs don't know how or care to treat RLS. It's only a nuisance, so they think. Do You have thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself just to get away from that creepy feeling coupled with no rest or sleep for 2 or 3 days? It wiil drive you MAD! Mirapex worked, Requip does not. So what did those great MDs do? Put me back on Requip but tripling the dose. This can't be good. (Mirapex isn't cleared by the liver but by the kidney.) I had a bilat. nephrectomy over a year ago and was taking Mirapex up to last month when I needed a new Rx. Suddenly, no more Mirapex, start Requip which does not work. Hello? Anyone listening to the patient????


And yes, it is much worse on the full moon.

Like many of your readers I have struggled for many years with RLS and tried EVERYTHING! In the last year RLS has actually become a full body experience. Some nights it is in my spine,pelvis and shoulders, but not the legs. This is most agonizing.

Recently, I took a neurotransmitter quiz which revealed I may be low in GABA.

I even tried a medical marijuana tincture for RLS. I did get some relief from the marijuana tincture, but the mood altering aspect did not work for me.

Then I received information about a product called AnxioFit-1 from a friend who works in a health food store. Discoveries had been made by Hungarian researchers regarding the echinacosides in Echinacea. Testimonials for AnxioFit-1 let me know that people were getting all kinds of results from using this product; not just for anxiety.

Long story short, I have gotten wonderful results with this combination of supplements:
600 mg. chelated Magnesium
500 mg. taurine
1 or 2 sublingual tabs of GABA Calm
1/2 tablet of AnxioFit-1
These are all taken at bedtime.

Early in the day, after breakfast, I take 250 mg. of L-Tyrosine. Tyrosine is stimulating so do not take late in the day. It also helps alot with stable energy levels and reducing appetite.

I do usually begin to experience RLS symptoms in the evening when I become still. So I may take the taurine, one magnesium and half of a GABA Calm about an hour before bed. I then take 400mg more of magnesium, a whole GABA Calm and 1/2 tablet of AnxioFit-1. My sleep is much improved and I'm even experiencing REM sleep again.

Added benefits of AnxioFit-1 is that my boyfriend, John, is experiencing greatly reduced stress, anxiety and overwhelm while at work with better concentration. He is a waiter in a very busy restaurant.

I'm soooo happy I've finally found something that works. I am in the early stages of starting a new business and I'm sure I will need the rest.


Yes, my RLS is worse during the full moon. I thought maybe it was just the light coming in around the room-darkening shades, since I am very light sensitive. But now I find out that others have the probelm too!


I've been reluctant to mention to my doctor that my RLS gets 10 times worse during full moon, for fear he'd think I'm nuts. But for days before, during, and after full moon, my RLS gets much much worse.

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