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I've had bad cramps since the first day I started my period and I've tried almost everything. Hot water bottles, Midol, Tylenol, and other prescribed medicines from my physician and none of them seemed to have worked. A friend of mine finally recommended to me to try Ibuprofen and it works AMAZING. Within 10-15 minutes of taking the pill, I felt the pain start to alleviate. They come in increments of 200mg and 500mg, that I know of (500 being extra strength). Both dosages work for me, but I find that the 500mg is longer lasting, even up to 2 days on some periods. I really recommend this. The only thing I advise, is to probably take the pill right before you eat something or afterwards, that can really prevent you from feeling nauseous or tired. Good Luck & I hope I've helped !

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Never take an anti-inflammitory before you eat as it contains elements that can eat through your stomach lining if taken regularly. Ive had to have an emergency op to repair my tummy lining!

Selina Rose

i dont think this helps at all, it never works for me and i really want something to help.


In my experience, ibuprophen being an anti-inflammation med, can cause trouble in the lining of the stomach if taken with food. I have also never known it to cause nausea or drowsiness being the simple pain reliever it is. I've found excercise and alot of fruit helps, as well as lying on your back on a flat solid surface with legs elevated or drapeing yourself forward over a chair.

T. in the I.E.

For ladies w/cramps try this: Pick up a pack of Aniseed from your local market in the spice section (Stater Bros. has it, also called 'Anise' in Spanish). Get the pack where you can see each tiny seed (not inside the husk). Bring a small pan of distilled water (1-2 cups) to a boil. If you weigh 120-150lbs put 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) of the seed into a coffee cup, (don't worry you can put more or less as needed) bruise(smash)the seeds a little with a spoon (bruising the seeds releases the helpful oils of the seed) and pour the seeds into the boiled water, cover and TURN OFF the flame. Let the seeds steep in the hot water for 20 mins. Use a sieve & pour into a cup & drink. You may drink up to 3 cups a day. Anise is a relaxant and an antispasmodic, improves digestion, gas and bloating, and it smells a little like licorice! Don't add sugar or honey; you won't need it. The hotter you drink it the better (but don't burn your mouth, reasonably hot is good). Curl up w/a good book and enjoy! My daughter doesn't take Pamprin anymore, now she just says 'mom, please make me a tea'. My grandmother learned it from her mother, & we; my 3 sisters and I learned it from ours and we use it and teach it to our kids as well. I bid you good health & learning.

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