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I am a firm believer in using a tiny drop of garlic infused olive oil into the ear when there is an earache. I recall my 18 month old son sobbing and tugging on his ear and not wanting to be put down. So I used a dropper and put a small amount of garlic oil in his ear. Within 5 minutes he was playing like nothing was wrong. I've seen others recommend an onion for earaches, and garlic and onions are in the same family so onions probably work too. And for older kids and adults a heating pad is a must for an earache. I got a bad earache when my twins were about 1 year old. It went from an earache to ruptured ear drum in about 2 hours. I used a heating pad, ibuprofen, and took a hot bath, but the ear pain was excruciating. Even more painful than laboring and delivering my twins! Unfortunately I didn't find out about the garlic infused olive oil until after that horrible experience.

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