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I have suffered from reoccuring Yeast Infections and BV ever since I was put on high, long doses of antibiotics for a Staph Infection four years ago.
I would take medications for the BV and would get a Yeast infection right afterwards. Then, I would take a pill for the Yeast infection and that would trigger another BV infection. It was a never ending cycle.
There have been times when I didn't even have any symptoms and my doctor would tell me I have a Yeast Infection during my papsmear. He said I didn't have symptoms probably due to the fact that I wasn't sexually active.
I have tried EVERYTHiNG! One thing that did help me was:
2 teaspoons of Hydrogen Peroxide diluted with water used as a douche. I used an empty Sumers Eve bottle. Then natural Greek Yogurt (I used Chobani or Feegi) inserted inside vagina, I used the little plastic dispenser that comes with Monistat. This might get a little messy so I did it at night with a unscented panty liner. Avoid anything scented and don't use fabric softner for your clothes. No tight clothes or thong underwear. I also boiled Parsley Root (might have trouble finding this at your local grocery store) in water, sweetend with just a little of organic honey. This tastes horrible but helps a lot.
Keep your private area as dry as possible to prevent itching and burning and to keep your skin from getting sore.
I hope this helps for anyone suffering from Yeast Infections. I know how uncomfortable it is. This has helped me a lot, I went from having a yeast infections every other month to having one about once a year.

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OMG..... I have that same problem I am going to try this and I hope that it works.


Have you tried taking acidophilus or probiotics to replace your natural flora? That should help your body recover from the heavy doses if antibiotics for the staph, and better fight off further infections.


When u take any kind of antibiotics eat yogurt each time u take ur meds inless the dr says dairy is not okay ... I had the same problem.... my dr said that the bv meds strip you of the good and bad bacteria down there and yogurt helps blance it all back out so you don't end up with a yeast infection...

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