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Hello.. I have been battling Athlete's foot for about a year now. I treated it last year with apple cider vinegar (AVC) after reading many of these home remedies. It cured it! However, when this winter rolled around, the AF came back. I wanted to come onto this site and write a post because ACV was the only thing that saved me the second time around.

I have tried all the creams, sprays, garlic, hydrogen peroxcide, teas, ect and nothing worked. It was so painful and swollen I could barely walk after a day of work. I would sit at my desk in cry because I was so uncomfortable.

I went to my local supermarket and got the biggest container of ACV they had. I began soaking my feet in only ACV three times a day (morning, on my lunch break and at night after I showered) for 15 minutes. The pain and itching has dramatically decreased. I now am soaking only twice a day and after this weekend will reduce to once a day for a week. It is honestly the only solution I found that really helps. I made it a point to write this because I know how upsetting it can be to deal with (and embarrassing).

Currently I lysol my bathtub after every use and only wear flip flops in my house (even though it is winter). I try to change my socks twice a day, change my bed sheets every couple days and put baby powder in my shoes after each wear.

Also, during the most painful AF period I left and went on a weekend vacation to Puerto Rico and the sun and salt water cured my feet as well.

I hope anyone suffering with AF can find relief with ACV and lots of patients. And remember that even though you THINK it might gone, its not. Soak for another week just to make sure!!!!

Good luck!

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i too have suffered with my feet burning and skin thickening for about 7 years not really knowing what was wrong... id tried every cream possible and nothing even looked like working. i read on a post last week about apple cider vinigar and went to the shop to purchase some. There was only white vinegar on the shelf so i decided what the heck ,im desperate and ill try that instead. I went home that night and soaked my feet in hot water and 1 cup of white vinegar..... after soaking for 1 hour i lifted my feet from the water and low and behold all the built up dead skin seemed all soft and i just scraped the skin right off as easy as anything. I have been soaking my feet every night and the change in my feet is remarkable. Try a believer


I tried soaking my feet in vinegar and it did work but i couldn't be bothered with the hassle every night and looked for a cream instead. I apply a beeswax formulation by a skin company called mama nature to my af every morining and it works just as good as the vinegar did. Whatsmore it is much less hassle - though not as cheap as the vinegar method.


I have also been battling af for about 3 years and Ive tried the creams the powder but nothing works. I have the fungus on my toes and it's trying to spread to my nails. After going on this site I will be going to buy me some vinegar. Wish Me Luck..

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