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It works people.. But what I did was a little different. And it's absolutely amazing!

Coco butter.. The cream in the 15oz jar. Not huge bottle of the lotion.
Raw cane sugar. The brown kind with big crystals
Coffee. A caffeinated dark roast. (better it smells, the better you'll smell. :))

In large bowl. Scrape out coco butter cream.
Add half the box of cane sugar. (it's alot, it will look similar to tapioca pudding,)
I used a 10 oz bag of coffee. (cheapest on the shelf because I am a broke college kid)
Make coffee grounds finer if you want to (I did)
Add all but about 2 oz (bottom inch or two of the bag)
Stir in a little at a time.
Wa-la. It's a miracle. Put this black salt scrub back into the original container. And you WILL have extras. So tuperwear or whatever to store the rest.

Now go to the shower.
Wash hair, put in conditioner. Just pull it into a pony and Leave it in :)
Let hot water beat on your cellulite areas for a few minutes. For me it was my inner thighs and stomach.

Shut off water. Apply Scrub to cellulite areas. Be generous. After your body parts are covered (you'll feel like you're one with the amazon) begin to message and exfoliate the skin. It's a bit rough but it's worth every flinch. :)
Massage. Massage. Massage! Butt. Legs. Tummy. Calves. Arms. Wherever.
Do this for at least 10 minutes. (bring a radio)

When finished rubbing. Turn water on.
Wash from top to bottom. Feel smooth? :)
You may have tiny bits of coffee on you're skin but that's okay!
Do not try to was oily feeling from skin.
Pat dry with towl. Look in mirror.

Your skin will look beautifully shiny, and you WILL see a huge difference in the dimples on your skin!

Contact me at with questions, or any success stories please!
Ladies you are beautiful.

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shall we do this everyday?


How long before results


This is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard


Thanks for the great advice on the massage technique! I might try brown sugar in replace of the sugar cane, its smaller granuals. =)


I'm going to have to try this. I wont wear shorts because of the back of my legs :(


Sounds good to me, and it's inexpensive thanks!


How is it any dumber that spending hundreds of dollars on creams that don't work? And coffee is one of the key ingredients in getting read of cellulite according to most websites.


thx so much i am doing it tonight! I love that have anything to do it with and i will let u know my results

wanna wear shorts

may try this out. how often do the treatments? can the extra be used at that time? do you use your hands as the exfoliator?


I love home remedies and I have an issue with cellulite appearance though I am petite and not at all over weight. I plan on trying this but of course the main part in keeping the cellulite away is a healthy lifestyle (exercise &... you are what you eat) :)

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