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I bit my mouth while eating over a week ago and developed a canker sore/ulcer that become more and more painful and swollen as the week went on. It got to the point where it was extremely difficult to talk and eat. After 7 days of trying OTC products and home remedies found online (CankerX, Kanka, baking soda powder, salt water rinses, black tea bags, etc.), I'd had enough and went to war on the thing. What I came up with worked FAST. I did this last night, and this morning the pain is nearly gone and it's finally starting to heal up. You can find these products in two stops - one at a herb shop/natural foods store and a drugstore. Here's what I uysed:

1. Echinacea tea (boosts immunity) - drank one cup

2. Gly-Oxide - an antiseptic oral cleaners found at drugstores (kills the bacteria in the sore) - dropped liquid directly on sore twice

3. Coilloidal Silver - you can find this at most herb shops/GNCs/natural foods grocery stores. It's a liquid that can be used to treat so many things (gum disease, colds, etc.) - sprayed several times directly on sore

4. Borax (found this at the natural foods store - says it's for canker sore/mouth ulcer treatment on the bottle). Dissolved 5 tablets in mouth twice

5. Placed a damp black tea bag on sore and held in mouth for almost an hour

6. Brushed teeth with non-SLS toothpaste (I used Burt's Bees brand)

Sounds like a lot, but trust me IT'S WORTH IT to wake up with much less pain and swelling and finally begin to heal. I'm not sure which of these things worked, but all that matters to me is that it did!

One more thing, AVOID COFFEE AND CITRUS. And DO NOT apply baking soda to the sore, that definitely irritated it even more!

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