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This will help i promise i have used these tips for twenty years take one tbs bakeing soda and one tbs salt and mix into a eigh oz glass of hot water and gargle and spit out do not swallow you can do this as meny times you want try holding the mixture in the back of your throat as long as you can also try this hot tea i use camamille you can use your favorite mix to tbs honey in it ang drink another thing that works is antibacterial mouth wash the brand i buy is cepacol if its to strong add water and gargle also take 800 mg of ibuprofren that is the percription dose also take orajel its a cream used to treat dental pain it numbs you tooth and gums buy this in the dental isle mix orejel with hot water and gargle with it hold it on your throat as long as you can do not swallow i hope these things help you try they i promise they will help you make sure you take ibuprofren it helps because it treats inflamation good luck

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Some of these comments aren't very nice.. THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME OUT OF YOUR SCHEDULE & sharing some of your remedies .. (:


Not one period???


To the grammar teacher-someone may know how to cure himself from sore throat issue the others know grammar/spelling, this site is for self-help regardless of formal education, give a credit to him/her, please be nice next time, thanks. Another un-educated relief seeker.....

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