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Well, I had severe sinus pressure and ear congestion for over 2 years. I had wistling ears too. I live here in germany and recently by accident i got two off the counter drugs that worked very very well.
Both are sprays that you puff through your nostriles.
First one which is anti-inflammatory is called 'nasic'. This is good if your congestion and sinus pressure is mild.

Second one is an excellent one which has immediate antibiotic effect and opens your nose ears right away. It is called 'Beclometason 0.05%. So you guys who have severe infection problems in your sinuses or ears use this. You will be saved. Specially for those of you who are sinusitis sufferers.

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I agree with this article. I've had ear clogging and ear congestion over 4 years, also my ears ring a lot. When using nasal spray, your nose clears and there is a certain type of connection between the ears and the nose , which means that if your nose is clogged , probably your ears are going to be congested too. Spray is a good way to clear your nose and ears

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