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A toenail fungus cure used in combat that works on any type fungus:
Saturate a cotton ball in WD-40, place it on top of the affected nail; roll a cut off balloon over the toe to keep the saturated cotton ball in place, and thus the WD-40 constantly in contact with the affected toenail, which will also serve to limit its evaporation. Keep this process up for a day or two. The WD-40 will thus slowly be absorbed and penetrate the nail, and once it finally reaches the fungus, it will destroy it instantly. A Marine Corp medic figured this out over forty five years ago in the jungles of Vietnam! The marines have been using this method it ever since, they just don't admit it. The directions on the WD-40 container certainly warn against such behavior (skin contact), so proceed at your own risk!

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Does this really work? I would thing it would smell and slip off since WD40 is greasy


This is bad ass. I am going to try it right now. I read all the other ones, but I am going with this one first.


Anyone else tried this?


I tried it, al it did was loosen up my toe nail, and it fell off...fungi still there ..sticking its tongue at me


Been trying this one as I have bought too many expensive things from the chemist that don't work. I just spray if on each morning and evening and leave my shoes off as long as possible. So far the infected part of the nail has dropped off without destroying the healthy nail. It's growing back slowly with no sign of infection but I'm still spraying it daily.

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