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Hey, there. I've had GH and OH for about ten years. Since I was 14 and had the misfortune of meeting a rather 'forceful' fellow one day. Anyway, I used to take Valtrex but some of the side-effects were bothering me. Not only that, I noticed it wasn't working like it used to do. I started only taking the pills if I felt an OB coming on. Tingling, achy muscles, feverish, fatigue, and discharge. I noticed that my triggers are mostly hormonal. Like my period.

My OH OB are usually triggered by me accidentally biting the inside of my mouth. Most blisters show up on the inside of my cheek and near the gumline. On the off chance that it's at the edge of my lips or tucked into the corners of my eye, I use Blistex. I'll take some of the chapstick and apply it. Helps a lot!

I'm looking for alternative remedies. Mostly painless remedies. One that hardly and/or don't sting.

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I have found carmex to work for outside and on the lips...regular carmex not flavored...up should fill the tingle upon application...apply alot and chill out...if stops tingling....wipe off softly with tissue and apply again..never use same tissue...good for me...

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