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In a dark room, I put in earplugs, lie on my back with ice in a rolled towel under my neck. I put a drop or two of rosemary oil on a washcloth and put in on my chest (so that it's not overwhelming)and hold a pillow or a rolled towel over JUST my eyes/forehead (for slight pressure). A pillow under the knees helps too.

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When I got my migraines I went to a dark place also BUT decided to go 'one' step further & find out what was causing these Migraines!! I cut out just about everything I ate/drank....and added them a little at a time - the one I added was Coca Cola & BANG the Migraine came - I have excluded pop pretty much altogether & I've not had a Migraine since! So, maybe do a 'test' like this for yourself instead of taking medicines; its definitely worth a try!

Tobias WeiƟ

Oddly, I find it exactly the opposite. Taking aspirin/acetaminophen with soda makes it work even better for me, because caffeine is a stimulant. Goody's powder is the only medicine I can take anymore after developing an immunity to everything else...

Peppermint oil or menthol, dark room, relaxing classical music or ambient soundtracks (not too loud, but not too quiet so you have to struggle to listen), and warm soup or hot chocolate really help for me.


I think lying very still on my back is key, upper back and head elevated. I've tried earplugs but there's just too much pressure in my ears when the migraine gets too bad. I take an over-the-counter pain reliever (acetaminophen with codeine), it's just a mild form of T3 and you don't need a prescription. Then I rub either a peppermint oil or a fantastic solution called Wonder Oil. It's made in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). This is rubbed on the temples and the back of the neck. House needs to be completely quiet and room needs to be very dark. I bought hotel-quality drapes for my bedroom so it can be DARK when I'm having an episode. I also try to get help making my house kid-free (i have 6), luckily i have a husband that makes arrangements for that to happen. If you get migraines frequently, it is good to always have a plan in place. If you are like me, you become completely useless, can't think, all you can think about is how to get rid of this incredible pain.

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