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After weeks of not knowing what to do, last week i read the various remedies on this website and I hit gold!

SALT + WATER on the open cut to kill the fungi. Then i purchased Aquaphor and rubbed it on my lips and the corners of my mouth.

I did this last Saturday. By sunday morning I felt real improvement.

Today is Wednesday and I can eat and open my mouth wide without any pain at all! The wound is completely healed.

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This remedy worked for me as well! Thanks for posting. By Wed mine is all gone! I also did start taking a mulitvitamin because I probably need to take one anyway.


This worked for me as well. I started on the Saturday and my mouth was healed by Sunday evening. Brilliant combination, thanks for posting!


This worked so well for me. In 24 hours it was looking better already and after 2 - 3 days was gone. The redness took about a week and is now gone. I still do the treatment morning and evening as a precaution. I also increased the B vitamins as other suggested.

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