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drink as much alcohol and take as many pain killers you can get your hands on,run a hot needle around the gum line of the problem tooth,extract the tooth with pliers.this will hurt and bleed a fair bit so have a rool of toilet paper and a mop handy.pain will have completely gone within 24 hours.

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I let my friend do it! But it worked! No pain that I remember or blood!


dumbass. I hope you used this method for all of your teeth.


I read this, laughed and believe it or not my tooth pain went away for a minute. Proves that laughter is the best medicine...


not only is that stupid, its also dangerous...don't listen to this person no matter how much pain u find yourself in

chuck h

Thank you. That really helped me, its four am and i ciuldnt sleep for the pain. Ate about 2000 mgs of motrin and no help. When i read this antedote i laughed so hard my pain stopped. Thank you...LMAO!!!!!!!!!


You've fried your brains somehow to make such a dumb ass comment.


That aint redneck that is just a stupid fucking retard...

Smarter than that

What other drugs are you own it must be some strong shit it got to be more then pills your doing u did say use a needle u also must shoot up also to do such a dumb ass thing


I'm laughing at the people laughing..
who is dumb here?
How do you suppose things were done in the Civil War? The Western Days?
They all went to the nearest dentist, got knocked out with something made from a pharmaceutical company and got their teeth extracted...yeah.
I did not use alcohol. My tooth hurt worse than pulling it out with the Vise Grips did. It was also free.
Some people don't have the money for a dentist.


Funny. Love it. Ignore the ones that can't take a joke.

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