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drink as much alcohol and take as many pain killers you can get your hands on,run a hot needle around the gum line of the problem tooth,extract the tooth with pliers.this will hurt and bleed a fair bit so have a rool of toilet paper and a mop handy.pain will have completely gone within 24 hours.

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hahahaha! this remedy adds a nice funny touch to the list! i like it redneck style!


Gotta be a backwoods redneck!!!


I have a tootache and in pain ...after reading your remedies I had a good laugh and numb my face for a while ..oppps I think my toothache is coming back..:(


HAHAHA!! This should definitely work...but if my tooth was pounding right now, I'd call you a jerk too!! Still funny!! hahahaa


lol!!!! ur comment took the pain away for some minutes... Bless


You think he's an idiot, but he is right, I actually did this with a bottle of orajel, two hydro 10s and two pairs of needle nose pliers. I wouldnt recommend it tho, a stupid things to do because you can get an infection that could kill you.

toolbox missing?

In terrible pain right now - but I don't have any pliers handy;) and I had no idea that I still have a sense of humor until I read this.

Tooth Ache Lady

I don't think he is being stupid. I've been without dental for years and as a single mom, I can't not pay the bills to see a dentist. I live in MI and I can say there is not one dentist here that cares about anything but money. Payment plans are for the insured. I have a doctorate and I am no better than a bum when I call saying I don't have insurance. I'm at the point where pulling my own tooth is my only option because I can't live with the pain.


Single mom here, got one kid out of braces and heading off to college in the fall, and two with retianers getting ready for braces....i got the kids dental done but I can NOT afford to spend money on my own teeth right now (kids are more important) and this remedy is sounding pretty good right about now for my tooth. rubbing garlic paste around the tooth and gums helped so I have lost the urge to hammer my own head.

Nurse April

now reading this remedy helped my pain, i am so crackin up right now

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