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Hello people,

I'm 34 years old male - gay. Just for info that I have both herpes and GW, the latter was diagnosed 4 days ago when I woke up and saw this small painless bump (not itchy) on my the shaft of my penis. After freaking out thinking it was syphilis, my doctor spilled out the nasty word CONDYLOMA ACUMINATA, etc. There's no drug for it only topical ointment or liquid nitrogen and asked me to wait and see. I can't wait so I took the matter in my own hands. So yesterday I took my vitamin C powder ( 1/4 teaspoon) & mix it with 2 drops of water and made it like a paste and dab it on the nasty wart. I covered it with cotton ball & bandaid. The next day it shriveled. I repeated the same thing last night and it was a little burning so I took it off and applied antiseptic prickly heat dusting powder. This morning I woke up, the wart has shrunk and turned black like a scab. Completely dried. The nodule is gone and flesh colored center part of it is gone too. So now I'm just waiting for the scab to fall off by itself but I'm boosting my self with 12 grams of garlic softgels & 3 000 mg of Vitamin C daily. Will keep you guys posted....hope it works

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Ok, so the wart is now dead but what is left now looks like a scab, its crusted and turned black, no sign of spreading. This morning as I cleaned that part, I realized there's little pus inside the scab so I went to see the doctor and she said secondary infection has caused the pus. She gave me antibiotic CLOXACILLIN 500 MG X 3 A DAY for 3 Days and some antiseptic cream for the pus. She told me nothing to worry and let's see then...


Ok the scab is gone when i woke up, pink flesh loked like open sore appeared no pus whatsoever, i kept on applying the cream my doctor gave and now the open sore is closing and looking better...getting healed but i can see one tiny spot inside the raw open sore, not sure if its another wart in the making...i keep it covered with gauze to avoid from spreading....will update 2 days from now


Hello sufferers,
Ok I promised 2 days but I took longer just to see the improvement on my open sore. Well I didn't put any vitamin c or other topical creams whatsoever coz I wanna let it heal naturally though it takes time since It's on the shaft of me penis and moist area takes forever to dry up. And yes the tiny spot I saw earlier is a baby wart in the making! I keep it dry & clean with antiseptic dusting powder and also double my vitamins intake & worry less. It takes time for the immune system to work. Today I realise the baby wart is not noticeable, I guess my immune system is working.....and it doesn't spread....praise God!


Thanks for actually updating. Glad to see you're having good results!

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