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My mom told me to chew minted gum flavor such as winterfresh or any brand of spearment flavored gum it works! I was surprised I always try to keep gum on me for that reason

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Every Breath I take

As skeptical as I am, I decided to chew on a piece of gum. Wa nasal is clearing. Hey I'm impressed with that.


Wow, I am amazed! I just tried it and it worked!! and quick too.

Carole A

Have had bad nasal congestion for 5 days with cold and cough. I was online at 2 am looking at nasal congestion remedies as I could not sleep. I tried chewing strong minted (spearmint flavour) gum and I cannot believe that virtually immediately my sinus's cleared and I was able to go to bed and sleep. For me it worked and as at 11 am as I am typing this I am still congestion free.


I have been congested for 3 days. Trying everything. Decided to chew some gum to see if it will help. Sure did! Open my sinus' up right away. But.... 40 minutes later. I am getting congested again. Short term relief.


Actually i've done that and drank ice cold water during it. that helped me since cold water + mint gum = cooling sensation through the nasal passages.


Close the side in which you are able breath and run or walk speed; the blocked side will automatically open.

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