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My mom told me to chew minted gum flavor such as winterfresh or any brand of spearment flavored gum it works! I was surprised I always try to keep gum on me for that reason

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I don't know how that would realive nasal congestion!?


im doing it right now and its not working for me, must be really stuffed up.


I just tried chewing spearmint and it made it worse :(


I just tried it and it's king of working


Plugs my ears up, so no thanks.:)


It Worked! Thank You Sooo Much!

billy bob joe dudley

doesn't work at all.... and don't see how it would, unless the placebo effect comes into play


I've heard that peppermint is a diuretic (and I've since noticed that it works for me), so maybe mint works like that somehow to reduce congested tissues. I'll try it. Thanks.


This worked for me, but not sure I want to do this in the middle of the night!


Doesn't work for me.

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