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im a 21 year old female and having this was absolutely horrid! for the first week or so i thought it was a cold sore so automatically i started using my cold sore cream...and it got worse :( and eventually spread to the other side too!

The worst part of all was i was leaving for mexico in 5 days! ughh.
so i did the whole doctor thing, she gave me a prescription for that anti-fungal cream. that did absolutely nothing!
by now i was freaking out and it was sooo sore and in the mornings was the worse (cracking, bleeding, hard to eat stuff, no yawning etc).
so i came across this site and followed one of the highest rated remedies as i was getting desperate!

Here Is What Worked For Me:

-Anti bacterial soap
-Q tips
-Mens After Shave containing denatured alcohol.....I Used an aftershave called 'Brut' from shoppers drugmart $7.00

----> Clean whole mouth area including lips with the antibacterial soap, pat gently with a clean towel to dry or kleenex if you may. DON'T RUB OR IT MAY SPREAD. Now take a clean small bowl, spray the aftershave in to create enough for the Q-tip to get wet. Apply to the affected areas. (Warning it does burn but its highly effective and worth it). Once You Have Cleaned The area and applied the alcohol, carefully not to use the same tip twice, apply vaseline all over your lips and cracks. This prevents the bacteria from spreading and no moisture to get in. Apply Morning and Night.

I hope this works for you, as it cleared mine up in 2 days, Just in time for my vacation!

cheers, ashley

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