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I was diagnosed with it 2 years ago since than my outbreaks come than be gone for months than it will come again I learned taking hot bath in showers its a suggestion but I found if u put a small cap full of bleach or even a drop in ur tub cuts the outbreak into half time it usually disappears in two days. Also salt baths drinking water helps staying stressfree or listening tob calm music in the tub . Stay positive I do not take my antivirals every day . I have ms multiple sclerosis I notice once I started my treatment had fewer out breaks in fact I forget I have it until it shows up lol but I usually keep piece of paper towel down there after cleansing the area with warm salt water and a personal wash nothin harsh plus when using the bathroom besure you dry the area or just keep a wet one clean it dry it off .the biggest deal is stay dry in shave or wax because hair carries moistness you want to be dry as possible it is not the end of the world there are vitmans to boost immune system think as gh as you would the flu the higher and heathier your immune system is the less outbreaks you have bless day everyone

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