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If you have a splinter that you can't get to come out - place a small piece of bacon on the splinter and cover with a bandaid or piece of tape and leave overnight. The next morning the salt and grease will have brought the splinter to the surface of the skin and should come right out.

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raw or cooked?




Raw bacon worked for me


I went two more times. haha But the results are there, none of that tithgness and burning in the throat for about a year.. Like i said, just a bit recently but nothing last last year. that was bad. I plan to go again soon for a maintenance. Wow, you're lucky, you are right in town then. Good luck!


Its works! my old family doctor 30 years ago had me use bacon
for a splitter that was under my finger nail about a 1/4' and within 24 hours it had done the job.


this is a terrible idea. for so many reasons.


I was about 8 yrs old in 1964 and my dad did this on a huge splinter of wood in the side of my ankle. The next day as he slowly removed the band aid the splinter pulled right out. It never hurt and Dad didn't have to perform 'surgery' to remove it. The piece was about 1/2' long.


It doesn't work. Tried it last night on my 8 year old and it's still there

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