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After two failed attempts with lice shampoo I interpreted a combination of others sugestions, and the reaults were truly unreal!!! I started by laying my daughter down on the counter so her head was hanging over the kitchen sink. I saturated her hair with straight vinegar and put a plastic shopping bag over her hair pulled tightly and secured in the back with a hair tie. I let that sit on her hair for roughly two hours wile she played. I then laid her down again and throughly rinsed her hair. Once her hair was rinsed I lathered her up with Palmolive dish washing liquid. Rinsed then repeated. With her head still over the sink I squeezed the excess water and applied alot of baby oil, more than enough to.saturate the hair, rinsed it quickly so it was not so oily and towel dried, then immediatley comed through with a nit comb. I WAS IN SHOCK! After two months of battling with this and only ever finding two tiny bugs, I was so surprised to see more than 40
dead lice! It was like I was only combing thru her hair and the lice were sliding out with out me searching. Not only that but the eggs also. I just cant seem how after all this time i was missing them. The Vinegar killed the lice and the plastic bag was to keep the from running. The Palmolive dish liquid breaks up the glue that holds the hair and egg together. I swear by this and If she ever ends up with lice again.... I already know my solution, first times a charm!

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Read many of the treatments, but your convinced me that the home rememdy with ingredients at home would work...and it DID! I thank you and so does my daughter.


I'm going to try this tomorrow...I really hope this does the trick. My daughter just got lice from school again and we are both in tears. She's only 4 years old. I will comment if it works...I need to go get Palmolive at the store.


We have been battling with this over a week now im going to try this as well. Thank YOU....


I am trying this RIGHT now with my 2 kids we all have it (got it from school) THANKS!


I am trying this as I'm typing this. I've been battling this with my daughter since Christmas after taking a trip. I have treated her hair at least 4 times with over the counter treatments (Not working). After searching the web I came across this and had to try it. Can't wait to find out the outcome.


THIS WORKS!!! I first used the Quit Nit treatment recommended by the school nurse, then applied this treatment. It got rid of the nits, and the live! Keep combing, & checking in following days and weeks; but this is the 'go to' in case of a recurrence. Thanks so much!:)

Mama tribe

WE live in Hawaii...and it's so common here especially with the girls have been battling this lice deal for atleast 2 yrs...and each month I'm spending so much money on this..I have 3 daughters that have very long hair...I even tried using a recommended home treatment of listerine and vinegar...and that still didn't get rid of them...I came accross this and I really hope this works..I'm doing this treatment as we speak, they all have vinegar sitting on their hair under plastic shower caps, while we pull sheets and blankets off to wash...I'm so excited to see if this works!


I used this on my granddaughter tonight. The night before we used the Rid. I wish I would have found this last night! Would have saved $60! We didn't find any live or dead ones but it got white shells out that wouldn't come out last night. Couldn't leave the vinegar in any longer than 20 minutes because she said it was burning. After the comb out she washed her hair with tea tree shampoo. Still doing laundry and vacuuming. Bless you for sharing this!


I have three daughters and they are bi-racial...I've been told african americans don't get lice. I believe this statement to be false. Although only two of my daughters have hair texture the same as mine and my oldest daughter has her fathers hair and she keeps her scalp lotion with olive oil and we have never had a problem with her catching lice....I have been batteling lice with my other two for several months. We get rid of them and then there will be a case at school and they are right back. I have spent so much money on rid products and constantly washing and spraying linens and furniture. I am now going to try this home solution and I pray it works and we get rid of these nasty things for good.


Interested to find out if this worked for all of you who posted a comment saying you were doing the treatment that day.

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