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ATTENTION LADIES.....I would love to hear how some of you suffering from GW are getting creative with your ACV soaked cotton balls!!

I have decided that you need to have at least 4 hands in order to even TRY to defeat this to hold the mirror, one to hold the q-tips, one to do the bandaging, and one to figure out if you are doctoring up sensitive skin or the GW!!!

I found out last month that I have Genital Warts. Have been to the doctor twice and have decided that there is no way I can afford to run to the doctor every time I feel a new bump!

I would love to try a full treatment attempt with ACV; however, I just can't seem to get anything to 'stay put'...unless I plan to sit with my hands in place for hours holding a cotton ball in place...bandaids were not meant to go 'there!!''


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Use medical tape!! It seems to work for me except I agree I'd need two more hands to get the cotton balls to stay so what I do is I cut a long piece and place it sticky side up on a roll of another medical tape and use scissors to get it off my finger. Then I go ahead and get the cotton ball soaked in ACV and use that tape which will hold it in place while I cut a few more strips :) You can cut a few ahead of time and it'll be doesn't always stick well but I just did this today and it's staying in place. Hope this helps! bandaids really suck for this...


hello there i got rid of mine by tcp use it once and they never come back its the easy way to get of this thanks


i discovered the warts on the inside of my right labia so i just place the cotton ball soaked in an ACV-water solution to that small region. the skin seems to hold it in place. i have added an extra cotton ball as a buffer though to protect the unaffected areas.

i am worried about the warts spreading to other areas so i have been washing feminine wash with a few drops of tea tree oil twice a day. i also apply a light cream of tea tree oil and aquaphor in between ACV soaks. hopefully the aquaphor hydrates the healthy skin so there wont be any damage.


I am making my fiance help me, afterall he is the one that brought them with him to the relationship. It would be very difficult tho to do it by myself. Good luck to everybody.

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