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I commented here in the middle of December 2012 (about a page back). I am the now 52 year old that has slept on the floor for the past 25 years because the hardness of the floor against my leg muscles offers relief. Even then I do not get to sleep until in the wee hours of the morning. Reading this site, I have tried some things and can now tell you that taking magnesium, potassium, and zinc do not work. I tried tonic water because I read that tonic water contains quinine and that quinine used to be prescribed for leg cramps. After the tonic water did not work, I read that tonic water does not contain enough quinine to actually work. The next cure was a bar of soap in the bed, and that just makes the dog sneeze.

One night I took my wife's prescription cough syrup that contained hydrocodone. I took about 50% more than her dosage (I am bigger than her). Miracle of miracle, I went to bed, closed my eyes and woke up six hours later. My first night's sleep in 25 years and in a bed to boot. I was so happy that I did not know how to act. I used up the cough syrup and then went to the medicine cabinet and found all the old bottles of prescription pain killers. They not only relieved the pain in my legs, but they made me drowsy as well. I was not worried about addiction because I want to be addicted to sleep. Now I have used up the old prescriptions and am facing another sleepless night. I am almost ready to cry knowing the misery that will come tonight after several weeks of sleeping like a human being.

Oh well I am finishing my tonic water night cap and finding a bar of soap.

Good Night

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Jeff you should learn more about pot. Our wonderful government is the one telling us it's bad, on the contrary it is not. Doctors do have a script for pot oil pills. By the way being a so called 'nerd' has nothing to do with anything. I don't want to get into how our government is killing us one by one with their medications. Look up pot and you will see in it's entire history not ONE person has died from the use of pot. You can not overdose on it. But the pills you speak of cause liver damage heart disease and much worse. Look at all of the celebrities who have had untimely deaths, all prescription interactions. I promise you you will have one foot in the grave if you take this stuff for the rest of your days. I am not a so called 'nerd' so I have had the horrible front seat to people 'friends' dying from that junk. Like I said your doctor can prescribe pot oil pills, they don't like to because they work and you don't need their bullshit synthetic drugs which makes big money for them. They are not in the business to help you, only to line their pockets!!


I never said that pot was bad in fact I said that I would use it if I could get it. It is just that in Maryland it is really not an option. I have never bought into the NATURAL is Better thing though. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. Poison ivy, tobacco, and cobra venom are all natural also.



Your's is the best set of comments on this site. My mom had RLS and now I have it. I have tried all her cures and they work for a while and then stop. The best for me is hydrocodone, half a tab. I use it twice a week to get a good night's sleep. The rest of the time I share your grief


This is Jeff. OK most serious sites state that RLS is caused by low dopamine levels. There is some indication that in some but not most cases, RLS is caused by low iron levels. Since I have never been anemic, I think that my RLS is caused by low dopamine levels. Now I find out that opiates - narcotic pain relievers raise dopamine levels. WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, aren't narcotic pain relievers an accepted treatment for RLS??? My gosh if you read this whole RLS site as I have because Lord knows I am not sleeping at night, the only things that are working for EVERYONE that is using them, are narcotic pain relievers. I refuse to believe that a prescription for pain pills for every night is more dangerous than only getting two to four hours of sleep every night. I can't even drive with my family in the car because I can not be trusted to stay awake. I am great for all night drives because that is when I am awake. So I drive when I am alone and I may fall asleep at the wheel and kill myself and others but By God I won't be addicted to pain pills. Makes alot of sense to me.

As for those folks that find relief from teas, magnets, vitamins, and the obiquitous bar of soap - I am happy for you, but it does not work for me.


FYI, Pot is not completely harmless. The smoke can cause lung cancer, just the same as nicotine.


I like how Kenny wrote that if you took a narcotic every night FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, you would have one foot in the grave. We are all born with one foot in the grave and at some point during THE REST OF OUR LIVES, the other one goes in. I get the feeling that a lot of people on this site are addicts in various stages of recovery. Problem is, if RLS is caused by low dopamine levels, there is no non-prescription cure for it and hence no 'home remedy'.

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