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I commented here in the middle of December 2012 (about a page back). I am the now 52 year old that has slept on the floor for the past 25 years because the hardness of the floor against my leg muscles offers relief. Even then I do not get to sleep until in the wee hours of the morning. Reading this site, I have tried some things and can now tell you that taking magnesium, potassium, and zinc do not work. I tried tonic water because I read that tonic water contains quinine and that quinine used to be prescribed for leg cramps. After the tonic water did not work, I read that tonic water does not contain enough quinine to actually work. The next cure was a bar of soap in the bed, and that just makes the dog sneeze.

One night I took my wife's prescription cough syrup that contained hydrocodone. I took about 50% more than her dosage (I am bigger than her). Miracle of miracle, I went to bed, closed my eyes and woke up six hours later. My first night's sleep in 25 years and in a bed to boot. I was so happy that I did not know how to act. I used up the cough syrup and then went to the medicine cabinet and found all the old bottles of prescription pain killers. They not only relieved the pain in my legs, but they made me drowsy as well. I was not worried about addiction because I want to be addicted to sleep. Now I have used up the old prescriptions and am facing another sleepless night. I am almost ready to cry knowing the misery that will come tonight after several weeks of sleeping like a human being.

Oh well I am finishing my tonic water night cap and finding a bar of soap.

Good Night

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I reread this in the light of day and obviously meant that I had made a post on this site in mid December 2011 not 2012.


Hi there Jeff, Don't worry about reading all the other remedies of how to get rid of RLS. I have your answer to cure Restless Legs for ever. I found this e-book from a guy in USA who figured out eating DAIRY is the trigger for Restless Legs. It is like an allergic reaction, if you are allergic to peanuts & you eat one peanut & you have a reaction same goes for RLS & DAIRY. Give up Dairy totally for two weeks & prove it to yourself


I think you meant Dec. 2011 but not sleeping will disorient you quick. Yes, this is miserable stuff and you can't explain it to someone who's never had it. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. On second thought...... I had a sleep study done and my legs were running all over the bed, all night. I just had another one done and can't wait to find out the results. And then, this doctor better start me on something besides Requip,- that's useless to me. GOOD LUCK - keep after your MD to do something. That's what they went to school for, remember?


Hi Jeff.. wow I actually laughed out loud when I read your comments, simply because I so rarely hear of anyone going through what I go through.. I sleep on the hard tile floor every night after pretending i can stand the frustration in bed until my girlfriend falls asleep.. each year it gets worse, it used to come in waves of a week or two at time but now it is Relentless Legs Syndrome, every night! Are you saying that the cough syrup really worked? Are you back on it now? Have you looked further into this yet and found any more answers? I would love to hear more ... I have been taking xanax and valium almost every night and I hate taking drugs.. but without sleep I'm even worse... what a joke of an ailment!


Btw i also tried the tonic water thing.. i used to hate tonic water and still forced myself to drink a litre of it before bed each night before finding out it would never be enough quinine... augh!


ever since i was a young girl i have been suffering with restless legs. I giggled reading your post on here. I too, have found something in the medicine cabinet that helps. Tramedol. ive had it for a while , left overs from a while back. but now im nearly out. oh well, have enjoyed the sleep . maybe i can convince my doc to give me some more.


This is Jeff again. To the person that asked about the hydrocodone cough syrup. I have no more. Basically I learned that any narcotic, pain, reliever is a GIFT FROM GOD! Unfortunately, the possibility that a doctor would prescribe me something for every night for the rest of my life is pretty slim. I have had RLS every night for over 25 years and as I said, I handled it by sleeping on the floor. It used to be that a good night meant that I was asleep by 1:00AM and a bad night by 3:00 AM. So the 'best years of my life' I got three to five hours of interrupted sleep every night. But as the disease gets progressively worse, a good night is now 3:00AM and a bad night is around 5:30 AM. From reading this forum and doing some research, I am convinced that there is no home remedy for RLS. As for Doctors, I have some sort of resentment/fear of them and have never sought treatment for the RLS. My prescription pain killers came from times that I had no choice but to see a Doctor as I had a few injuries that required medical treatment. I may have no choice but to go to a Doctor as my wife may divorce me. Lets face it,falling asleep at 5:30 and getting up at 6:30 makes me a pretty lousy husband. My little experience with Doctors basically involve endless rounds of tests with nothing being resolved. So in any case, after raiding the medicine cabinet I was able to get about 18 nights' sleep and now I am back in hell.


Jeff again. The things that I found in the mrdicine cabinet were percocet, hydrocodone, and tylenol codeine. For the joy of actually sleeping, I would gladly take one of them every night. Wonderful stuff!


Jeff, please do not listen to anyone telling you to take pain killers!! If you think the RLS is bad wait till you have to deal with the withdraws. I have been dealing with it for 9 years now and I am 40. I broke my back and with the nerve damage it began. I at first was given all the meds you mentioned and remained on them for 6 years. Then decided to self medicate by getting the meds on the street. Worse decision of my life. Now I am back to dealing with the RLS, and yes it sucks ass! I wish I had a remedy but I don't. I just wanted to tell you to stay away from the narcotics because when you run out you will feel like killing yourself. I will offer one thing that did work for me and depending on what state you live in you can get a script, and this odd but working thin is marijuana. I quit because of having a child. But I will tell you it does work and it's all natural. Good luck!


But Kenny, I have had RLS every night for at least 25 years and it is getting worse. I want to sleep every night, so therefore if I could get a doctor to write the prescription, I would take the hydrocodone, percocet, codeine, etc EVERY night - hence no withdrawl. You are willing to use marijuana to alleviate the RLS, but have a problem with the pills? They are both drugs, what's the difference. I am not prejudiced, I would use the pot, but it is not legal in this state and am such a nerd, I have no clue how to get it. And no, I do not know how to get the pills 'on the street' either. But the point is that the narcotic pain killers work incredibly well and this opinion is supported by many people on this site. As I do not get to sleep until 3:00 to 5:30 AM, I have had plenty of time to read all 19 pages with comments. You would think and hope that doctors would recognize the pain pills as a way to make their patients' lives better, but they are all afraid of addiction. But that is the point - I am ADDICTED to sleep and would like to get at least six hours every night and wish I could get a prescription for something that I could take every night for the rest of my life.

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