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Well I have had this condition for about a year now, im 19. When I get ob's they are untolerable. I decided to try the orajel thanks to the 16 year olds post and thank god I did. I couldnt even walk I was in so much pain. Ive had this ob for 3 weeks and I think it was triggered by having sex with my boyfriend who is aware I have it. We use protection at all times. I thnk he is jst too much and the tension from his larger size could be a reason for my ob right? Ive gt obs before after intercourse with him. Idk wat to do cuz he means the world to me but if his size is effecting me in this way do I just need to use lube or somethin? I dont have sex if theres any signs of an oncoming ob. I take valtrex as prescribed. I bought aloe vera gel 100% with no alchohol in it but it did nothing I bought witch hazel but im terrified it will burn and I have low pain tolerance so I dont want to make myself more miserable. I also bought the 1000mg of lysine but theres no way I can swallow that huge pill without spittin it up..update on orajel.. As im writing i felt relief but it didnt numb it completely. It kinda feels mentholish? Like a cooling effect but I feel that tingle itchyness still. Im scared to pee still and ive been holding it off wich I know isnt good but im a baby wen it comes to there Anything else that I can use to completely numb down there? Will ambesol be better then orajel? I bought the liquid bandaid but ive decided after using it on my finger for a tester to see how it works I better not put it down there. Seems very hard to remove. Any other anesthetics that are good for very painful ob?

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if you are having major pain. Ask your docter for some licodene. It will totally numb the pain itching and tingling sensation


You can make a paste of Tylenol PM or Benadry ( crush the pill I use my nail polish bottle) and Campho- Phenique it numbs the area and gives you release. Last week I felt a outbreak coming on this is what I did
L-Lysine 1000mg(3X a day)
Zine 50mg (3X a day)
Ate 2 cloves of garlic. Twice a day
applied the Tylenol PM and Campho- Phenique paste and the little bump went away in 2 days no OB. I found this remedy under the Genital Herpes category and it really works.


Hey there, just a tip, when you pee , pee through something such as a tube, from the toilet paper a paper towel or cut a bottle open at the end and pee through there use it as a funnel so that the pee does not come in contact with the sores and it does not burn, worked for me =) Hope you feel better


I want to share something with everyone as well.. when i have an outbreak, to stop them from spreading, i take 2 squares of toilet paper and fold it into a rectangle. I put the piece of toilet paper directly on the sore. It help for when you pee, and it drys the sore out as well, and will not spread. I also use a paste of salt and milk.. It stings for a min but huge relief afterwards..


Friction during sex can possibly trigger an OB. Be sure to use plenty of personal lubricant when engaging in intimate activities to try to avoid a friction based issue.

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