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I drink 6 Drops of Lugol's Iodine mixed in 4 oz. of water- it stops the restless legs completely and instantly. If I eat too much food too close to bedtime, it does not seem to work quite as well, but it still helps. I wonder if it kills some kind of bacteria that hangs out in the stomach lining. Sugar and starch and wine all seem to make restless legs even worse, it probably feeds the bacteria!

Warning, you should find out first if you are allergic to Lugol's Iodine before you try it. I learned about it in Hulda Clark's alternative healing books. I am not a doctor, just want to share what works for me because I know how desperate it feels to lie there in the dark with jerking legs.

If I am out of Lugol's Iodine, I get some relief sometimes with AlkaSeltzer with aspirin. I think that for me, there is a chronic bacteria problem that comes from eating dairy foods and then stays there and thrives if I eat the wrong carbs. I don't know if is safe to keep taking the iodine every night forever, so I started on the specific carb diet and I am cutting out all dairy now. Then I will see if I need the Lugol's less often.

Note: Lugol's is not regular iodine, and it is a not a brand name of iodine, either. It is a strong solution that the pharmacy can order. I don't have a prescription, though. I just ask at the counter. Please don't try regular iodine, I have no clue what that would do to a person. Also, lease make sure you are not allergic to iodine, it is extremely unsafe if you are. Try the AlkaSeltzer until you can get Lugol's.

I've also seen some Lugol's on the internet, but it is so weak that it takes around 14 drops to work. It is not as effective.

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Yes, ive recently had problems with RLS the past few months which has led to anincrease of insomnia. my girlfriend gave me 2 tramadol (Hydrocodone without Acetominophen,making is non-narcotic) and low and behold no RLS! seems to work taking Clonazepam too! muscle relaxers do not help.

Sum'pin has to give...

I'm so sorry to tell you (for I know the bliss your first night of sleep on pain meds can bring after years of suffering) but hydrocodone most definately is an OPIATE! That's why you get relief. Not to mention most opiates are mixed with tylenol, which means an addiction is not only quite easy to attain, but liver damage will very likely come along with it, thanks to tylenol branding almost every opiate out there is mixed with it: this should be outlawed!! If you need tylenol with your opiates, you can take two... and when the opiate dose goes up, so does the dose of tylenol they feed you. Yay! More liver damage!!

I discovered quite by accident in my early 20's during a gall bladder attack how well hydrocodone worked to stop my leg restlessness (lead to years of addiction, liver damage & 13 yrs of Methadone DETOX! What a joke, though it does usually work well for RLS symptoms it is an antagonist to other opiates, so if you're ever in an accident and need REAL pain meds, the methadone can interfere with how well they work, or if they will work at all, and most doctors don't even know this!! ...or have long forgotten it!) Finally, recently I pulled myself off Methadone because I could no longer breathe and no one at the clinic, or my doc, would listen, just look at me with that 'huh...never heard of such a thing... must not exist' look. What a choice, breathing or constant hellish pain... my rls does not let up at all... morning until night I suffer... and very often have a suicidal thoughts, but still I chose breathing... call me silly. But since the docs have no clue it must just be my imagination, or i'm over dramatic, or i'm drug seeking. You won't win unless you find an amazingly empathetic physician who has rls and understands!! I've yet to find one. Btw, taking myself off Methadone, nearly killed me, it took a supply of ambien, valium, and promethazine.... all of this to mimic the adavan and anti-nausea meds they game me in the e.r. my third night when my blood pressure was skyrocketing (246/114!!!)... and then I was treated like a criminal because I'd been on methadone!! Summarily dimissed with no help whatsoever. My blood pressure was still well beyond dangerous when I was 'dismissed' and told 'stop abusing opiates'. There's no winning for me it seems... I'm now, after the hell of getting off methadone, right back on Vicodin (hydrocodone/tylenol) only now it just makes me sick!!! gives no relief whatsoever. So I beg you, unless you want to start a long road to hell, find a doctor that will help, and if you must use opiates INSIST upon those without tylenol!!!, and don't experiment yourself. You will find yourself in a world of hurt compared to nothing that you're dealing with now... take it from experience...PLEASE!

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