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When my children have earache I lay them on their side and put spit in their ear (not any food particles) and rub gently to make sure it go's right in. Their earache is gone within minutes!

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haha who ever though spit would be such a controversial subject?

Mom of 2

Yeah well what happens when the mother is stuck home with no car and no one will offer to take the child to the ER? You are going to do what you have to do to ease your childs pain. Don't knock something unless you've tried it for yourself. Child abuse for trying to ease your childs pain? Think about this...back in the old days...Indians didn't have meds like we do today. They did what they had to do to ease pain whether it was an adult or child. It wasn't considered abuse then. So please, stop with the racist remarks, cutting people down. If you don't know the situation...keep ur nose out of other peoples business.


It worked for me.

A mother of a Beautiful 'COLORED' boy!

Wow! I really thought this was 2010 and not 1950! Who uses the phrase 'colored' anymore? I mean honestly I find that very offensive. Anyone that is not completely white like white paint is colored. Think about it. Peach is a color. Brown is a color. Black is a color. Hell even white is a color. So that person who made that statement about being colored and un-educated must really be dumb themselves. We are all the same. Yea our skin tone may be slightly different, but in reality we are all colored. God created us equally. Nobody is less than another. Some may not have had the luxury of being in the best schools or being born into the best families, but look at all the celebrities who have come from the smallest dirtiest town, but are making more money than the average person, 'colored' or not, 'educated' or not. What people really need to understand is that they should really think about what they are going to say/write before actually doing it. That is why our society is so pathetic and chaotic! That is why some countries look down upon us for what we have become. We were a country born of prideful americans, and now look at us...we are nothing but scum! Degrading people because of their skin tone, education, lack of money, or lack of family. Open your eyes and look around you for once in your pathetic little lives. We are all the same. We all are born, and then we all will die at a certain time in our lives. What makes anyone better than the next?

anal petrusion

Your best bet is to let a group of homeless men rub there faeces into the eyes of the sufferer whilst you sacrifice a goat to lucifer. Usually works for me...

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