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When my children have earache I lay them on their side and put spit in their ear (not any food particles) and rub gently to make sure it go's right in. Their earache is gone within minutes!

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If it works it works (no I haven't tried this I stuck with warm olive oil). But I agree lets leave race out of this. I also think part of the reason this may work is the same that olive oil or baby oil works the liquid is soothing.


Cmon C! Colored? You were making a good point for a second there. May the peace of Repentance rest on your soul and... what was the rest? Amen!


Who needs all of this? We are looking for remidies! To #'s 7,8,9 who would post something like that ? If it works it works !!!


First off.
Its easy to assume is it not?
It will interest me to see what you assume of me from my comment.
Most of you have just proved to the rest of the world the stereotype of how intolerant Americans actually are.
This is not to say All Americans are but alot of you accept this to be a way of life. so if you want to prove everyone else wrong, start showing it.
Please people, the coloured, uneducated remark was unnecessary.
And to the author of 7 8 and 9:
Until you try it you don't really know if it does work or not. But hey maybe if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything?
So, please people tolerance and respect, on everyones behalf
And for those who have already judged me-
i am a 17 year old, Australian girl, i work full time as a child care worker and i have my own morgage.
how much did that differ from what you expected?

play nice children



I wasn't aware that was something worth bragging about. :/


You people ever hear of CHILD ABUSE?! I can not believe that anyone would actually DEFEND spitting in a childs' ear!! No, sweethearts, desperate or not, you MAY NOT SPIT IN A CHILDS' EAR. It's illegal. Check with your local health department. Even if you could, it WOULDN'T work. Saliva is absolutely loaded with germs, unless you just held mouthwash in your mouth for quite awhile. No need to respond, I'm not going to waste my time coming back to this line of nonsense!!


our entire body is full of bacteria. our feces, our skin, our mouth. they all harbor bacteria. but there is bad bacteria and good (natural) bacteria. Bacteria in your mouth is not necessarily bad. it sounds gross but have any of you naysayers done or researched scientific studies which state that it does not work? i didn't think so. =)


I would never spit in my child’s ear, simply because I can infect her with whatever illness I have. If I thought about doing this 8 months ago, I would have given her mononucleosis. I tested positive after having blood work done. I would have felt so guilty for giving this to her. Even though you do not have symptoms of an illness, does not mean you do not have one. You could feel perfectly but you could have caught a cold virus. The symptoms may not present itself until days later after contracting it. That's why it is not good to spit in anyone's ear.


Entertaining...Took my mind off the pain!


U guyz are funny! Except for that one Colored ...blah blah blah remark! I was pissed off a little until I read a few more comments.. But i'm glad i read the remark about giving your child the germs you might have..I'm glad I read that cause I was just about to do it next if the Olive-oil hadn't have worked!Good lookin out! Thanx

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