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When my children have earache I lay them on their side and put spit in their ear (not any food particles) and rub gently to make sure it go's right in. Their earache is gone within minutes!

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this sound disqusting but it really works tyvm


my son woke up crying his ear hurt, i tried this and within minutes he was back asleep and in the morning said he felt better.


i've found this works best after drinking cheap beer and still chewing hot dogs. your child awakes in the morning with a greater love for baseball and our country.


i got desperate......daughter was up all night so tried it and it worked.


hahahaa to #3


yall are some nasty motherfuckers yall are not that worried about your kids to go out and get some medcine sheez i would go to the damn doctor before i would realy on this shit!

Powerfull Prayer Changes ALL!

Even though you may not agree with some of the remidies, kids may be looking at this site and I pray God to deeply change and direct your life, if you think foul language and vulgarity is a good pastime in your life. May the peace of God give you better things to do with your life. Amen!




To #'s 7, 8 and 9?!?!, it is obvious that you are not in a place of desperation in which you HAVE taken your child to the doctor several times and received numerous medications, antibiotics and shots but still have found no relief. My son's tube consultation is 3 days away and I am praying we can make it until then. Do not judge people when you don't know the entire story. If I was to judge you by what you wrote I would say you are a 20-something, uneducated, colored, jobless, living on welfare and foodstamps mother of 5. Just by your grammer and your spelling!!


colored? now we know a little something about how intellegent you are. Please, i thought we decided America would stop being retarted enough to think that a persons skin determines anything about them.

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