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For fever blisters the best remedy I have been able to find, while not very legal even though the many medical ailments it helps, marijuana is my best home remedy. Now, I don't consider myself a stoner due to the fact that I actually use it for its medicinal purposes. Headaches, insomnia, but this is also one place it helps me. Now I suggest only doing this process at home when you have the day off and are just starting to feel that tingle come on. Basically the process is to smoke until you literally forget about that tingle sensation or just don't care about it anymore. usually one half joint will do the trick if it's good bud. Then make yourself a strong pot of green tea with a little honey and drink the whole pot. Relax for as much of the day as possible smoking again if necessary. The blister may still come but if you don't use any type of ointment or chapstick it should be gone within a day or two and it won't show up like the crazy blister you don't want. Obviously use a little chapstick if your lips are crazy chapped but try not to put it on the sore.

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i found that popping the blister an dab with alcohol a few times an it will be gone fast..


i tried it, it didn't work, but i forgot about it LOL


Hahahaha so funny ...u got the most comments for this and most of em are haters hahaha ur a super star now! ;) Jk. But we see from this post the non smokers and how mean they are hahaha they need Jesus! And a lil herb wouldn't hurt either! :)


Thanks for the good laugh! I needed that!!!

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