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no one wants to go and buy things to see if it works and it doesnt end up work, what. a. waste.
easy and simple and pops a pimple!
take a warm hot shower, normally wash your face with your normal soap/body wash/shower gel.
then when you get out, dry your face and apply toothpaste.

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i've tried that it didn't work


I tried it and it made it bigger and now i have a scar..


I have done this and it works for me very well. I don't get pimples very often though and they are just small ones most of the time. I guess to each his own on what works.


doing this is not good for youe skin and can cause scaring.

Jenny G

The only thing toothpaste helps is, if you have a pimple/zit, put the toothpaste on untamed wait about 20 mins. Once it's dry and crusty wipe it off and pimp/zit will have a whitehead that u can pop(which I think is a bad idea). The toothpaste just helps to bring all of the nasty stuff to the surface.

Dr. Hayden Frontier

Toothpaste causes serious discoloration to the skin . It causes the skin to turn red for a couple of hours , then once the redness is gone the area in which you applied toothpaste , will start to peel . Toothpaste is a very bad way of controlling blemishes . And it only wears the acne down, but then causes sudden growth in the affected area .

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