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i have had a tooth ache for hours now and my pain seems to be increasing untill i got a black teabag and dipped it in water. it did ease the pain but i'll not lie, it hasnt stopped the pain completely. the other best thing to do for a toothache is to forget about it, concentrate of something that is active not reading or writing because that takes thought. your brain actually exaggerates the pain your in, forget about it and it will ease, and dont forget to smile, makes it feel better. do not try cold water as that is too much for the nerve to control and will result in intense pain.

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Ok...The tea bag trick made my pain much worse. then I decided to try Whiskey right on the area, still didnt work. I decided to put toothpaste right on the area and it instandly took the pain away and is still gone....its been about half a hour or more.


Awesome! It worked instantly...thanks so much!!

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