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It's almost 3am and I haven't had any sleep I'm 13 and really don't want to wake my mom so i looked at some of these remedies basically I didn't want to put anything in my ear because I'm pretty paranoid that it will get worse so I put one of my old hand towels in a mug and wet it a bit so it was damp then i put it in the microbe for 30 seconds or until hot then hold the mug up to your infected ear i left it there for a while then when I removed the mug im not going to lie it wasn't pretty but instant pain relief NOTE: use an old towel because i wouldn't want to use that towel again!!!

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I don’t wanna wake my mom up either!!! But I tried the towel and nada :(


Same thing at the same time this was verry helpfull. It saved my girlfriend a lot of pain.


thank you so much


hey i tried your remedy on the earpain and it failed and sucked ass im sorry.


you could also you a heat pack that is microwaveable and wrap the towel around it and rest your infected ear on it and try to take a nap or something

Tabby Cat

Is microbe a microwave???


Microbe? Learn to spell and use proper punctuation, else you will still be illiterate when your ear infection is gone.


Worked like a charm for me. Thanks! :-)

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