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I was diagnosed with genital herpes when I was 17 years old (2005) I got it from my ex-boyfriend/son father. Anyways my first OBb was the worst and since then I have had like 3 OB. Three days ago I started to have a tingling, burning feeling on the opening area genitalia and I felt a bump. I know it was an OB coming on so i decided to Google home remedies and I got to this site. I decided to try this remedy that I saw posted:
L-lysine 1000mg (3x)
Zinc 50mg (3X
Eat 2 clove of garlic
campho-pheqiue and Tylenol paste applied to infected area 2 times a day by day two all discomfort is gone and now day 3 the bump has been reduce. So I didn't get a blister and I really think it it because of this regimen. I would wipe the area with hydrogen peroxide before I apply the paste.
Whoever came up with this remedy God bless you

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Lysine love...

This is the best home remedy for the Herp's... I also take 1000mg of vitamin C and fish oils 1000mg daily...
keep Lysine in your life it totally fights the herp' need for Acyclovir or those other drugs that give you side affects...Lysine, Lysine....


Do you mix the items together to make a paste?


Yes mix the Campho-pheqiue and Tylenol for the paste. Crush about 5 Tylnel PM and then add the Campho-pheqiue. The Zinc and Lysine tablets I took by mouth.


I am very allergic Tylenol. Can I use an alternative like Advil or something? I am looking forward to trying this paste since I've seen many posts saying how well it worked.


You can use Advil PM or Benadryl

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