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I just want to chime in and say my half Australian Shepherd half Retriever had mange and not that shes not worth it, but I didn't have the time or money at the time to take her to a vet. The listerine and baby oil treatment works! It cleared up after the first time.

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I have already tried the Borax recipe for my Pugs who are still itching but not as much. So started lookin and found this recipe for mange. So please email it to me also.. They need it right away. Blessings2U ......


please send the Listerine/ Baby oil remedy for mange for my doggie at


That's wonderful. My Labradoodle has such a bad condition on his back where he has lost hair and was incessantly itching and biting, literally tearing his hair out.

I decided to try to nip this in the bud, so I went to Walgreen's and tried to find some of the ingredients in many of these posts.

I ended up getting what I could of some of the ingredients on this site. I bought the Dial complete soap because it is a stronger anti-bacterial soap, 2 spray bottles, sponges, the original Listerine, consumable hydrogen peroxide, baby oil and vinegar.
I made a concoction in a spray bottle using equal parts of LIsterine, peroxide, baby oil, vinegar and water and added a few drops of tea trea oil with lavender. (It's expensive, so I can't afford to use equal parts).
Using rubber gloves (because his back was so gross), I bathed him, scrubbing him well with the foaming Dial Complete using a sponge to scrub the crusts. Rinsed well. Poured peroxide over him. Rubbed in. Rinsed off. Patted him with a towel, Shook the concoction well, sprayed all over him and rubbed it in well. Did not rinse it off. I bathed my other 2 dogs the same way. Then I put them outside, cleaned and vacuumed well, sprayed the furniture and carpet with vinegar and water and continued to spray them with the concoction every few hours rubbing in using a disposable glove.
I'm also giving him benedril (1 miligram per pound. For him, this is 3 25 miligram Walgreen brand benedril 3 times a day and doggy aspirin I bought at the farm store. He seems to be so much more at ease, resting well and not scratching and it's only 8 hours since we started. I pray that this works well and he gets healed up quickly. I will keep you posted. By the way, I'm also spraying just the vinegar and water on their private areas every so often. This seems to be helping them.


I was just wondering if u have to bathe them after it sits in or just lave it on the dog? I have a pit bull puppy that we think its mange but my big pit bull does not have it. We think our puppy had it for about 2 months now n everything I do is working a little but not much. U can email me at


hey i would like to try this on my pitbull pup please email it to me i will appreicate it


The recipe is

A third of each water original brownish gold color real Listerine and unscented baby oil combine in a spray bottle in a 16 ounce bottle use 2/3 cup of each...shake spray bottke well..spray on dog rub in not use in ears or eyes or on open magically

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