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I just want to chime in and say my half Australian Shepherd half Retriever had mange and not that shes not worth it, but I didn't have the time or money at the time to take her to a vet. The listerine and baby oil treatment works! It cleared up after the first time.

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Can you please send me the recipe for the baby oil listerine. I've taken my dog to the vet a few times for pills and all types of things and I don't know what else to do. He's getting real bad. Thank u


I tried this and it seems to work!! Ok here is what I did!! I just poured mouthwash on my dog rubbed it in real well! She didn't cry or act in pain at all for yal wondering about that. I let it soak in for about 10 min, this was amazing not only did all the fleas come off dead for the first time in a while she sat there and didn't even scratch!!! Then I poured baby oil on her and rubbed it in real well and let that soak in for about 10 min! Towel dried her off!! Washed the next day!! It seems to be working!!


could you please send me the recipe with amounts


i would like the recipe with instructions to treat the mange with listerine and baby oil. can i use the blue mint listerine instead of original? my email address is
Thank you


I have a great pyrenese puppy and a full grown one. when we got the puppy we had to put her in her own pen because of the other dogs wanting to fight with her. we bought some cedar shaving from lowes and the puppy ended up with mange from the shavings. since we have had her at the vet for three seperate dips for the mange and she is still infected. now my full grown one has it and we treated all of our animals with happy jack, which did not work. I am going to get the listerine and baby oil this afternoon and will try it. I am also spraying my entire house down with the listerine. I will post again in a few days and let everyone know how it works. I am afraid to try the borax recipe because I just dont like the idea of the dogs licking that off. I hope this works cause I can not afford anymore vet visits. I have even shaved the adult to make sure we are getting to the skin. This should make it easier but we will see.


The listerine/baby oil treatment:

1 part water
1 part baby oil
1 part listerine

Apply to the dog via spray bottle or rub. IT WORKS!!


I too would GREATLY appreciate your listerine and baby out recipe. My email address is ASAP Thank you for your time


Will any other mouth wash work, like Scope? I will get Listerine if I absolutely need too but I have a husband who is strict on spending... well some spending. Also I don't want to get another mouth wash if the one I already have will work. Please let me know! please put Doggy Mange as the subject.


Yes please can you send me the baby and listerine recipe. I feel so bad couse i cant afford to take him to the vet.


hi i have a rot and lab mix and she is getting mange so could you please send me the recipe for listerine and baby oil at thank you very much for your help

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