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I keep tonic water (as in Gin and Tonic)for leg cramps as it has quinine in it. It won't provide instant relief, but it will releive the cramp and prevent further ones for at least 24 hours. The small bottles are good for 1 - 2 'treatments.'

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quinine was the go-to prescription for leg cramps until it was taken out of the pharmacopia due to harmful side effects, primarily to the kidneys (also the malaria cure during the digging of the Panama canal!)


My husband has kidney disease fsgs and his Dr told to drink tonic water for the severe leg cramps he experiences.... And this was before he was on dialysis... As well as now.... Maybe his kidneys were too far gone that the Dr wasn't worried..... But the remedy does work.... Ask a dr about the safety of it!


Do you have lemon?


Tonic, or quinine water, really works for cramps. It takes only a couple of ounces and a couple of minutes before the cramps go away. Quinine pills used to be used but were taken off the market because of bad side effects but the amount of quinine in a 1 qt bottle of tonic is less than the amount in a quinine pill yet it works.


Tonic water is very good except if you are a Kidney Patience as I am. I was drinking it with out my Kidney Dr knowing it. When he found out he had a fit saying that Tonic Water was the worse thing to take for leg cramps for anyone that is a Kindney Patience. My dad mentioned something about Apple Cider Vingar I haven't tryied it yet but am going to. I don't only have leg and thigh cramps but also cramps in my hands and fingers.



Wife of Orthopedic Dr

DO NOT DRINK TONIC WATER! Causes blood disorders among other things. Quite a few other safe options for cramps! However you must try different things because what works for one may not work for another. Often simply bringing your ph into an alkaline level works very quickly and is safe! This can be done before bed as to avoid cramps before they happen. Also read about pressure points for the location of your cramps!

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