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Hey ya'll im 15 and i suffer from severe acne problems on my chin and eyebrows, i have never gotten acne anywhere else but these two places, sometimes they get so bad that you cant even see the hair on my eyebrows, and my chin is just red dots. One day i was fiddling with my face and some products when i finally found the perfect solution for my disease. This solution is imported from chile.
Step 1: take one or two chilli beans slice them open and apply paste generously to affected areas.
Step 2: Take raw tomato juice and apply right after the chilli beans.
Step 3: Final step of this long and costly process; take dish detergent and apply generously over the whole face. Rinse with ice water and rub dry.
Hope this helps you, like it helped my acne :D comment if it works like a charm!

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THis is a joke right?? no wonder why u have acne dumbass!


LOL! Sounds ridiculous! Has to be a joke!


Actually tomato juice is a acidic to help & chili paste can make peel off quickly. So it may very well help u. Detgernt..not best will dry u out but good for u for trying

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