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I've had surgery (and medical creams) twice on my anal warts in a span of 3 years. Surgery is painful and unnecessary. What worked for me was a garlic suppository, it's even better than taking a garlic pill which has been sitting on a market shelf for who-know's-how-long and not as potent. Put the one of the garlic pods (Not the entire flaky garlic bulb!) up inside your anus and continue about your day. It's going to burn in 30 minutes - an hour. It will burn like someone put chiles and hot sauce up your butt! but it is all-natural! nothing your body can't handle. Anyway, if it burns too much, just poop it out again and take a mild lukewarm bath.

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That sounds painful! How big were your warts?

hoping for the best mz

Did they go away?? im sitting here looking for something else that can help me! i tried the acv,tree oil, didnt work still drinking immune defense emergen-c but recently i feel more itching and im freaking out!! im super stressed also ugh!!

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