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Sorry for the long delay, I promised a complete walkthrough of my Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) treatment, and I've been quite busy and I also wanted to thoroughly make sure the treatment was fully successful before giving advice, so here we go:

Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) works! I've spent a while researching the other methods, and this by far is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest treatment! Your other options are many treatments of cryosurgery (i.e. using Liquid Nitrogen to freeze warts) but true liquid nitrogen therapy can only be provided by dr's offices and it's VERY expensive (at about $300 for one sessions (and when you will need at least 5-10 sessions)), which has also been known to leave permanent scars! The other treatment is a cream provided by prescription only, it costs about $250 and takes many months of use, also there is only about a 30% chance of full treatment in studies, so basically it's worthless! With ACV treatment the warts were gone within one week! and the ACV is only about $1! (well, you need some other supplies as well, but still it's significantly cheaper than even one dr's visit!). There's also laser removal, but again, very expensive! and will likely leave scars!

So here is my thorough walkthrough of my success (as well as my painful mistakes) that should provide you adequate knowledge of the treatment:

First off, the Supplies needed:
-Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) (no, other vinegar will not work).
-Cotton Balls (at least 50, must be cotton balls and no other substitute will work since cotton balls are the most absorbent and will suffocate the warts).
-'Q-tips' (at least 100, used to apply meds)
-Gauze Rolls(Highly Recommended!)(Either 2' wide, or 4' wide and you can cut it)(You will probably need 2 rolls for full treatment).
-Medical Tape (Highly Recommended!)(Don't use duct tape people! get this water resistant medical tape from the first aid aisles, like a curad brand, you will probably need 2 rolls).
-Tea Tree Oil (Highly Recommended!)(this is an antiseptic, it will help prevent spreading and will help diminish pain, It's sold in small liquid bottle by vitamins)
-Vitamin E oil (Highly Recommended!)(Used to help hydrate your skin since ACV will eat the shit out of it, so this will greatly help your healing! Sold as a liquid usually in vitamin aisle)
-Vitamins & Supplements (Highly Recommended!)(Vitamin C pills, garlic pills, multivitamin pill) (To help your body heal and to fight off the warts)

I paid about $40 for all these supplies at walmart, which is a bargain compared to even one dr's visit!

Day 1 (And the proper cotton ball process):
Get all your supplies ready and laid out in a suitable surface (I highly recommend you practice proper sanitation and hygiene, use only clean supplies and make sure your work surface is clean or lay out a plastic sheet). Plan on how you will properly secure the cotton balls to your warts. I wrapped the gauze around my penis for my warts on my shaft, and I wrapped it behind my balls to secure the cotton balls towards the base of my penis (ladies, you likely won't have this luxury so you'll have to get creative).

Estimate the number of cotton balls you will need to completely cover your warts, you may want to pull the cotton balls apart if your wart isn't that big and to make it easier to secure the ball. You want the cotton ball to be about twice the diameter of the wart. I also recommend covering the entire area to be treated with vitamin E oil as it will help to keep the area hydrated (I recommend you apply the vitamin E oil with a q-tip and allow about 10 minutes for the oil to soak in, and DO NOT DIP THE SAME TIP OF THE Q-TIP BACK INTO THE VITAMIN E JAR ONCE YOU HAVE RUBBED IT ON YOUR WARTS! This will contaminate the oil and you may spread warts this way).

Despite what I've read on here, it is NOT A GOOD IDEA TO COMPLETELY SOAK THE COTTON BALLS IN ACV! I found that it's better to use less than to use more, and I recommend you only put enough on the cotton ball so that it will be able to fully cover the warts with the amount of ACV that you used. Using this technique will give you the results you want and will reduce your chances of major harm.

Now, after you have the cotton balls with a proper amount of ACV on them to cover your warts, you simply place the balls over the warts and then wrap the gauze around the balls to hold them in place. You may either tape the end of the gauze to hold it secure, or wrap the tape completely around the gauze no more than one time, or you may gently tie the gauze strips in loose knots to hold them secure. DO NOT COMPLETELY COVER THE COTTON BALLS WITH TAPE!!! YOU WILL END UP IN DIRE PAIN! You need to allow plenty of room for the ACV fumes to be released otherwise the fumes will stay between the tape and will completely destroy your skin and it will take many days to heal! This is why I recommend using Gauze! because it allows the fumes to be released through the gauze, and for oxygen to get in so that the skin around the cotton ball can breath.

Also, to avoid major pain, TRY TO AVOID LETTING THE ACV SOAKED PORTION OF THE COTTON BALLS TOUCH ANY SENSITIVE PARTS OF YOUR GENITALS!!!! This treatment was almost completely painless for me until I made the mistake of drenching a cotton ball and allowing the ACV portion to be resting on the head of my penis... this is what caused the most pain of the whole treatment, and it's still sensitive a month later! So avoid ACV contact to any sensitive parts if you want to avoid the major pain. Ladies, I'm not sure where it's going to hurt your lady parts the most, but it would probably be pure hell if you let acv soak on your clit.

How long should you leave the cotton balls on?
I think it depends on the area you're treating, and the amount of pain you're experiencing. For me I experienced almost no pain while treating the shaft of my penis, so I suggest you leave the cotton balls on for at least 3 and no more than 6 hours if you're not experiencing major pain. If you're treating a sensitive area or you feel major pain (like a 5 or above on the 1-10 pain level), then I suggest you only leave the balls on for one hour. As long as the warts are glowing white after you remove the cotton balls on the first day then you are effectively treating them! This is not a race to see how fast you can get the warts off, it should be seen as a marathon... so as long as you have progressive progress you will eventually get rid of the warts. Also, try to leave your pants off for the entire time you have the cotton balls on! This will allow for more ventilation... and it will be much better for your skin.

So like I said, on day 1 you should see the warts glowing white after you remove the cotton balls, congratulations you have had a successful day 1! You should immediately apply Tea Tree Oil on and around the warts at this point using a Q-Tip (and don't double dip the q-tip after contact with warts), allow the Tea Tree Oil to completely dry up from your skin before putting pants or underwear on! You may even want to gently wash the remaining Tea Tree Oil off before putting pants on. If you don't allow the Tea Tree Oil to dry before putting your pants on, the fumes will stay in your pants or underwear and it will totally eat up and damage your entire groin area, and your skin will be very badly damaged! (I learned the hard way!)

ACV and Tea Tree Oil are very powerful chemicals! When used properly they are harmless, but if you don't follow these precautions you can cause yourself major harm!

Apply the vitamin E oil after you use the Tea Tree Oil, this will help to dehydrate your skin. Try to apply the vitamin E oil every couple hours if you can.

Day 2:
Give your skin at least 24 hours to heal before going on with the ACV applications. If your skin is still red or sore do not proceed with the ACV and allow your skin to heal! Make sure your skin has a regular color since this is a good sign that your skin is healthy. Take a day or two between applications, and maybe even a week if your skin is really damaged!

After your second treatment your warts should be glowing white again, this is a good sign!

Day 3:
The day after your second treatment you may see your warts starting to scab over, if so, you have successfully finished the first phase of treatment. DO NOT EVER PICK OFF A SCAB!!!! The whole goal of ACV treatment is to fry your skin so that it will scab over the warts and so that they will suffocate and die! Once you get a scab that covers the whole wart, leave it alone! It may look ugly and it may look like you've made everything worse, but once that scab naturally falls off you will be left with the beautiful clear skin that you want!

After the first time you scab over, and after leaving the scab on for at least 2-3 days, you may do another ACV cotton ball soaking directly over the scab, This will naturally remove the scab and will give you a larger stronger scab after a day or two.

The scabs should eventually turn blackish, this is a good sign. Eventually the large warts will shrink and the small ones will just disappear.

Days later:
After days of treatments and healing, the warts should be gone! You may still have some discoloration after the warts are gone, but that should heal up in a few weeks.

I'm now about 3 weeks post treatment and my skin where my warts were is now completely flawless!!! I'm so relieved! and I feel much healthier and less tired now that my body isn't constantly having to fight these warts!

I should also note that you should be taking the vitamins daily throughout this entire process and for months after! (even ongoing if you can). Also drink plenty of water! at least a gallon day. Get plenty of sleep, cut back on junk food, and try to eat some healthy foods.

I thank everyone on this website who helped me discover this treatment after 10 years of living with these warts! And I hope my guide will help many people to get treated the proper way, and to finally move on with their lives.

Take care all, and I may try to come back to this page if anyone has any further questions.

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Hi Scooter,
I'm having the black scab too but I used vitamin C paste instead. I'm on my 3rd day treatment. I wonder does your scab have any pus? Just a little one? And is the scab sensitive to touch? My wart I'd at the middle of the shaft (more to right side) and whenever there's movement, I can feel it...I wonder if u experienced the same thing and if its normal...I've posted my story above yours.. hope to get your reply...


Hi Scooter, I'm having the black scab too but I used vitamin C paste instead. I'm on my 3rd day treatment. I wonder does your scab have any pus, even a little? And is your scab sensitive to touch? My wart is at the middle of the shaft (more to right side) and whenever there's movement, I can feel it...I wonder if u experienced the same thing and if its normal...I've posted my story above yours.. hope to get your reply...btw its nice to see your effort giving all the inputs and tips, let us know of your current condition. TQ


i only did the first day treatment and there turning black already is this a good thing?


Yeah its a good sign but if its painful or contains puss, go and see doctor for antibiotics (oral & topical) to avoid secondary infection. My scab is gone now what left is raw pink open sore that is healing & I apply the antibiotic cream the doctor gave me and cover it with cotton balls to avoid infection. I will let it heal slowly


I'm now on day 2 of this treatment, so far it's going exactly as narrated (glowing white after treatments). I'm making sure to keep everything clean to avoid it spreading but this way seems to be great. Make sure you don't skip the tea tree oil and vitamin E, they really help too!

Honest Dude

I wanted to return to this post only to say, THIS WORKS!, Follow the Instructions AND Warnings precisely, And it works! Thank You! :)


What brand of apple cider vinegar works best?


What about Castor Oil?.. I heard that stuff is pretty good for drying out those bastards.

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